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BVS organizes the annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.


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Contents: Regular Events | Outreach & Education

Regular Events

Grasshopper RestaurantOn the Third Sunday of each month (with rare exceptions), we sponsor an Educational Seminar with an expert guest speaker, offered free to the public, and a Social Dinner, both held at Grasshopper Vegetarian Restaurant in Boston.

Each month, we sponsor a Dining Out social, where we get together to try out vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the area, explore the wide and delicious variety of cuisines available to vegetarian diners, and share information informally.

Each month we have one or more additional Special Events, including:

Boston Vegetarian Food FestivalWe are the organizers of the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival each fall. Attracting thousands of attendees, it has grown to be one of the premier outreach and educational events for vegetarianism in the world.

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Outreach and Education